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Convergence Ministry

Convergence ministry mens that we are apoting the convergence methos in doing ministry. In today's world, many different ways or disciplines coming together to do one project. We have to reflect this way in our doing ministry.


"Smart Phone" is a good example of convergence product.  Like this we try to comverge many different ways and disciplines in doing new ministries. The concept of this method is similar to that of intercultural ministry. The new ministry study group will be informed about the concept of convergence method and  create the new ministry of DPUC. 


Intercultural Ministry Team\


Helen F: When we look back our lives, we realize that God has been with every one of us, whether we are aware of it or not. We help each other discover and create God's presense in our lives and celebrate it.


Barbara E: Our church's history defines who we are. Your presence, participation and contribution of your unique gifts will build and shape our church as the gathering of God's people.


Marlene M: Important part of our church life is that we continuously create God's story through building trusting relationship and harmony.


June: I learned Canada first through DPUC, and learned that Canada is a beutiful country with many good people.  


Roxanne I : We live in a culturally diverse society. To have fuller experience with the people in our church and neighbouring community, we have to learn from each other.


John B: Future is in our hands. My joining in DPUC introduced me to explore the intercultural life. This broadens my world view that challenges me to go beyond the world I can touch and feel.


Rohelio G: DPUC shares the ministry with all the church members and with Rev. John Young-Jung Lee who has been truly blessed with spiritual nurturing and guidance.  


Mi Young S: I work in London, England. It is so exciting to work as CA in a global context. World is a small village and I believe that my small wish for global peace can be echoed to the other side of the world if I speak out even in a small voice.


Barbara M: I have many talents from singing, art and craft, arcrylic painting. Most of all, I teach my birds English, such as "How are you?" and so on.



All are welcome!




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