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DPUC is the member church of The United Church of Canada located at the corner of  Main Street and Danforth Avenue, the heart of East York region in the city of Toronto.


Committees and Teams


DPUC has its structure to manage God's mission for the church effectively and efficiently.  

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DPUC Activies and Its Schedule


We welcome every one of you to become one body in Christ to reach out to our community and to the world with God's love. We are with wounded heart by broken relationship, and need healing and reconciliation. We are weak, but with God's help we can work for the wholeness of life. Your joining with us may change the community and the world.


We value diversity as the gift of God. Even your face, skin colour, hairstyle and fashion add on to the shape of our church, too. Important part of our church life is that we continuously create God's story of new creation in our daily lives as we explore the changes of the world with Scriptures and experience individual's being touched by God`s grace.


We believe that God is with us always. When we look back our lives, we realize that God has been with every one of us, This means to us that we are called to be with other people who are poor, marginalize, sick and lonely. This lets us know of our identity as who we are and relevance to the world where we reach out with God's love and care.


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For Joining Membership or Inquiries, please send your name and telephone number and email address by emailing to johnleeucc@gmail.com 


DPUC shares the ministry with all the church members and with the Rev. John Young-Jung Lee. DPUC has been truly blessed with spiritual guidance all the way through our journey of experiencing the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His integrity, sincerity and humour are valued most for our ministry of the whole people of God.


Rev. John Lee holds B. Sc., majored in architecture in Seoul National University, Master of Divinity at Emmanuel College in the Victoria University in the University of Toronto. He had continued in the Advanced Degree Program towards Doctorate in Systematic Theology in the Toronto School of Theology within the University of Toronto.


John has been serving the wider church on different levels of the United structure on the General Council level as committee member, at the Toronto Conference as the President and at the Presbytery as Chair in several occasions. John is committed in the ministry for the future world. He is open to differences of the people, understanding of God as well as caring for nature. He also was involved in the changing the church by taking the leadership of more than ten committees on the General Council, Conference and Presbytery level and the University of Toronto (Toronto School of Theology).


We are friendly, welcoming church in the fellowship of Christ. We strive to build the community of trust that is comfortable and safe place for those who are settling in Canada as a new comers, or those who need pastoral care.




All are welcome!




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