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Specialty of Christian Education:

DPUC Sunday School strives to provide and promote the highest quality Christian education to the children of a diverse culture and race. Our aim is to nurture and build the foundation of children's Christian identity in Christ through educing the diverse and unique gifts children and sharing the Gospel stories.


Sunday School program.  Bible story telling, Math Class / Art and Craft


DPUC Sunday School recognizes that children remember most of the love and care of the staff and teachers, and thus emphsize that the staff should live out the genuine love for the children as well as the curriculum, classroom layout, or specific facts.


DPUC Sunday School provides opportunities to have fun and games, entertainment, videos and treats may be part of a healthy class, but keeps the ultimate priority in Jesus Christ witnessed in the Bible.


DPUC Sunday School brings joy to the children and parents as they learn, laugh, smile, play, think, challenge, sing, and want to invite their friends.


DPUC Sunday School goes beyond having fun and having joy as they live out the Christian value in their daily lives.  


DPUC Sunday School enables the children to develop their sense of community by participating the Sunday service and group activities at the classes of the Sunday School. 



All are welcome!





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