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  Church Council Committee



Duties and responsibilities are to exercise leadership in the care and oversight of the spiritual life and interests of the Pastoral Charge and for the spiritual interests of the Pastoral Charge and to oversee the spiritual interests of the Congregation: Members are ministry Personnel who have been settled in from the Presbytery and one representative of each Committee, usually Chair shall be members of the Council. When they have co-chair, or no chair, the committee decide the representative to the Council.



The Secretary


In consultation of the Chair and the Minister settled or appointed by the Presbytery, shall prepare agendas for all Council meetings; records and distributes the minutes of the Church Council and the Congregational meetings. The Congregation at its Annual meeting shall elect a Secretary who shall hold office until the next annual meeting.



Ministry & Personnel Committee


The Ministry and Personnel Committee is responsible for personnel matters related to Minister and other staff. The Committee shall meet and shall report to the Council quarterly or more often as circumstances warrant. The Committee provides a consultative and supportive agency for the staff and for members of the Congregation and prepare and maintain job descriptions for staff members, in consultation with the committees concerned, identifying the responsibilities of each staff member.



Worship and Music Committee


The Worship and Music Committee plays a vital role in supporting and advising the ministerial team, including the Director of Music in the planning of meaningful worship through continuous learning and promote the musical event for the neighbourhood community. The Committee plans worship services for the year, in consultation with the Minister and ensure that the Minister duly settled in a Pastoral Charge shall have the right to conduct services in the church, or other places of worship in connection with the Pastoral Charge The Committee reviews and approves other events of worship and musical events.



Finance Committee


The Committee will oversees and manages financial affairs of the Congregation to be in faithful use. The Committee also prepares the annual budget with input from all committees.  The responsibilities of the Committee are: to manage financial affairs of the Congregation; to prepare an annual budget to be submitted to the Council for review and to forward it to the Annual Congregational Meeting; to oversee the funds of the Church; to make recommendations to the Council regarding capital expenditures; to report concerning the financial condition of the Congregation to the regular meetings of the Council.



Faith Formation and Chritrian Development 


The Committee`s responsibilities are: to set up guidelines and principles to accomplish the purpose of faith formation and Christian development of the Congregation by ensuring dynamic life-long growth in a transforming relationship with God; promoting active engagement with the stories of í░God with usí▒; reflecting upon Godí»s presence in new creation; equipping persons for tasks that are holistic and justice-seeking through formation of community; encouraging engagement in mutual, holistic, and justice-seeking relationship; and inviting persons of all ages and stages to explore and grow in their relationship through Jesus Christ, with the community of faith, and with the world.



Pastoral Care Committee


The Committee provides for the care and support of members of the Congregation and adherents with special attention to those who are shut-ins or in hospital. The Committee will provide an efficient and reliable means of communication within the Congregation to assist the minister and ensure awareness of the individual needs of all our members and adherents; to recruit volunteers as Team members to be assigned as liaisons to members of the Congregation, requiring contact; to obtain accurate and up-to-date roll and information on members and adherents of the Congregation: to maintain a 'contact'; to update on family or individual changes in health, status or situation; to arrange visits to shut-ins and those in hospital, in consultation with the Minister.



Welcoming Committee


The Welcoming Committee is responsible for welcoming and introduce the church to the new comers, |The Committee shall plan the events for the church and shall report to the Council.  The Committee provides a consultative and supportive for developing the church membership in consultation with the church staff.



Board of Trustees


Trustees hold and administer all the financial assets of the Congregation; check Congregational insurance policies; and administer the Trust Fund.




Trustees shall take care of momthly cvhurch income and expence and prepare the Finance Report for the Council and Annual Meeting.



Presbytery Representative 


The responsibilities of the Presbytery Representative is to report to the Church Council on Presbytery activities; to attend and participate regularly in both Plenary meetings and, being a part of one of the Committees or Commissions of Presbytery; to attend special meetings of Presbytery, such as Covenanting Services for new ministers; to express opinions and vote on issues brought before the Presbytery.



Intercultural Youth Ministries Team


The Teamí»s responsibilities are: to develop and nurture individual gifts of the youth in relation to Christian and spiritual growth within the Congregation and neighbourhood; to promote awareness of the need youth and children in the community and beyond; to explore the needs of the youth and children of the Dentonia Park United Church and its neighbourhood community; to determine the education and training needs; to plan long and short-range projection; to review, evaluate and select the program to support the target group in efficient ways; to maintain registrations and to assist the mid-week groups in the recruitment of leaders; and to share with the standing Committees for the promotion of special events.



Ad Hoc Committee and Teams


The Council shall appoint Ad Hoc Committees and Teams as required. The Chairs of Ad Hoc committees shall also be represented on the Council as corresponding members and can be invited to the council but will not be entitled to vote.