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Welcome to Dentonia Park United Church  


The mission of DPUC  as an intercultural Chiurch of the present for the future world to proclaim

the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community. We will provide people of all races and ages with 

the opportunity to worship and to reach out and the world in faith and fellowship/


Sunday Worship: 10:00-10:45 A.M.


We celebrate God's presence as we gather to worship. Through our prayer and gathering. we believe that we can be tranformed to be the gift for the world.



Sunday School: 10:00-11:30 A.M. 

Sunday School begins with adults and they continue at downstairs with their Bible reading, art and craft and math club. etc. We believe that the best education for children is to love and care for them. DPUC Sunday School actualize Christ's love through educing gifts in them and makes the best of their potential for their future to be the gift for the guture world.


Fellowship Hours: 11:00 A.M.


We have relatively short service. However we count our fellowship hours important part of our service. It is not just chatting each other. We get to have deeper fellowship through serving each other and sharing thoughts and experience as we reflect scriptural passage.  This gathering is flexible and it is the the beginning of sermon reflection time and Intercultural YAYA gathering.  


Sermon Reflection Gathering: 11:00 - 11:45


This gathering is to reflect on the service including sermon. We are sharing our understanding of scripture passage, our experience and other comments. Through this, we believe, we get to know each other and can move together for the mission and ministry.



Rev. John Lee's Recent Involvement


Rev. John Lee believes that the future of the church lies on young people. He committed in young people's ministry and pray for faithful young people come and join in DPUC to do God's mission together.


Within The United Church of Canada he was involved in many areas. He was partt of the Mission Theme Task Group, Coordinating Committee of Church Leadership, General Council Executive. Within the Toronto Conference he served as the President, followed by two occasions of serving as the chair of the presbyteries, Toronto Don Valley Presbytery and Toronto Southeast Presbytery.


After having ample experience within the wider church both for the denomination and ecumenical areas and theological schools, Rev. John Lee realized the urgent and significant mission for the young people. He is involved in the University of Toronto as the Senate of Victoria University and Council member of Emmanuel College. At present, he is serving as co-chair of Committee on AsianéNorth American Asian Theologies (CANAAT) within Emmanuel College.




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